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Create a Seamless Online Experience with ZORG IT GROUP’s Web Design and Development

How Zorg IT Creates a Seamless Online Experience

If you want people to not only use your website, but to return to it again and again, you have to ensure a smooth and comfortable online experience for them. And to do that, before anything else, you need to focus on your website design and development.

With our fast-evolving technology, the strategies and tactics of a good website development service are also changing. Still, the key ideals remain the same – make sure the site is functional, easy to use, and responsive across most commonly used devices. 

But we worked to find out some unique ideas on how to achieve those targets.



Mobile First Development

Mobile-First Development/Accessible Development

What’s the point of using a great site if people aren’t using it?

Remember, you have to make it easy for people to access your site. And for that, mobiles are always the first priority, given how commonplace they are.

This is why Zorg IT always plans for mobile optimization for any and all websites we design and develop. Also, we focus on making sure that our websites are visually conforming, the contents are systematically organized and the color palettes are comfortable to look at and read. We also provide embedded links and well-designed alt texts to raise the level of accessibility for the sites we create or maintain.

Cross browser Compatibility

Cross-browser Compatibility

Another thing to keep in mind is that different users feel comfortable in different browsers, so you should take care that your website runs smoothly across all the common browsers. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge are one of the most popular browsers.

At Zorg IT, we do thorough testing to make sure our developed designs are functioning within the best possible capacity across all the common internet browsers, so that your customers will not suffer any lags or troubles when using them. When you take our service, you will get no complaints on that front.

Website Speed and Performance

Website Speed and Performance

Another thing you need to focus on is the performance and the overall responsiveness of the site, because a slow website means your users will be bored off the page. A high-speed website lowers the bounce rate.

Zorg IT makes sure to compress all the images and videos to minimize the size and maximize performance time across all the designs we build. Also we minify codes and avoid using unnecessary plug-ins, which is why our sites run faster than most contemporary designs. This way, even customers who may not have high-speed internet can easily view the websites we make.

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SEO Planning

SEO is the lifeblood of any website. You need to rely heavily on them so that your target audience can find and visit your site.

Zorg IT’s expert web design and SEO team plans the best SEO strategy for you, researching and optimizing the select keywords, using proper backlinks and ensuring great site infrastructure. Also, our responsive design, crawlable alt text structures and optimal page speed means we have the best technical SEO system in the sites we build

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social media is the best method to spread your messages to a large number of people in a short period. That’s why you need to integrate it to your website, because this way you can increase the traffic to your website by a large margin.

But this just doesn’t mean providing links of your social media to your site. To really involve them to the full extent, you should focus on adopting innovative and advanced approaches, such as adopting your social media wall in your sites, and adding YouTube videos and other live feeds, and embedding popular content on the sidebars.

In short, you should take the creative approach when designing your websites to ensure a hassle-free online experience for the users. Or you can spare yourself the trouble and just knock us – Zorg IT gets you covered.

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