When Yamaha ACI put Zorg IT in the Driver’s Seat

Yamaha ACI Motors contacted Zorg IT Group in response to the Facebook campaign aimed at Dhaka, back when Zorg was still based in Chattogram. A call came from Yamaha ACI’s Gazipur HQ. They were looking for good quality graphic design services within a tight deadline – could  Zorg  IT possibly manage to deliver within this limited time?

Zorg IT’s core values prompted them to meet any challenge possible. They knew being productive is the only way to win businesses. So they accepted the task and received several graphic design projects for nationwide ads from Yamaha ACI Motors.

Not only did the project involve a significant workload, but Yamaha ACI, being a multinational company, had specific expectations regarding the quality of the work. They wanted precise design and a professional look. Yet, despite the demanding nature of the tasks, the team worked tirelessly overnight to meet the deadline.

Yamaha ACI was impressed with the quality of Zorg IT’s work. However, as large organizations do, they have their own in-house designers, so there’s little chance for these two companies to work again, barring emergencies.

You might have encountered a few of these ads Zorg designed, though. One of the most notable ones featured Umme Ahmed Shishir sitting on a Yamaha, with the caption: Enjoy the journey. Well, Zorg IT did.

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