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Achieving an Ultimate Eye for Details

Sometimes, clients with a keen eye for perfection can help you reach new heights that would otherwise remain out of your reach.

Ultima Bangladesh is one of Zorg IT’s most consistent clients. They are a purifier company based in Dhaka. After contacting Zorg IT through a Facebook ad, they were impressed by the demos they got, and immediately subscribed for a monthly package at a decent price. By February 2024, Zorg IT had been working with them for almost 6 months, doing regular graphics design, UI/UX, and various printing projects.

The challenge of working with Ultima, however, was their perfectionism. They knew exactly what they wanted and refused to settle for anything less. This meticulous approach led to numerous revisions, rechecks, and even content redesigns until the final product precisely met the company’s expectations.

That resulted in a lot of trouble at first. Sometimes chasing perfection led to delays in meeting deadlines. One time, Zorg IT had to revise the positioning of Ultima’s logo in one of their designs multiple times, until they got it exactly right. Another time, while crafting Ultima’s portfolio, Zorg IT went through multiple revisions and even theme changes.

However such precision and care had a very positive effect on Zorg IT’s workflow and project implementation. They worked through the initial frustration and used it as a learning opportunity to develop their operating procedures.

By asking questions and clarifying ideas from the outset, Zorg IT became adept at understanding their clients’ needs more deeply. This process helped them focus on the business requirements and deliver options that would yield the best results. As a result, they developed a good communication and working relationship with their clients.

“It made us realize that client satisfaction is the prime goal,” says a member of the Zorg IT team, “not just meeting deadlines however we can.

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