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Get Set Go: Ignite Your English Learning with Digital Marketing Strategies

Learning English is as important as it always has been, which means the competition in the market is fierce. This is why digital marketing strategies are especially needed in this sector. They play a vital role enhancing reach, visibility, and ultimately, enrollment rates.

Get Set Go is a newly established organization offering English Communication and Public Speaking Course. Their central hub is in Eskaton, Dhaka, but their goal was to extend their operations all over the country. As a strong digital presence is incredibly important for effective branding in such organizations, they sought out Zorg IT based on a friend’s recommendation. Entrusting Zorg IT to manage their digital activities, Get Set Go aimed to focus on delivering high-quality learning tools to their students.

After conducting extensive research, Zorg IT gained a deep understanding of Get Set Go’s digital marketing needs across different social media platforms. So they set out a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to operate effectively within the Bangladeshi market.

This included creating accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, developing engaging graphics and social media contents and posting them on the regular on behalf of their patron. Additionally, Zorg IT did the necessary offline work such as designing banners, brochures, and notepads, to establish a strong brand image for the educational organization.

They worked diligently, sometimes even overnight, to ensure the company’s successful launch within a short timeframe.

Get Set Go has by now quickly established an online presence, within just a few months of its initiation. They are also building a solid offline presence, touring many universities and educational institutions across the country, holding regular classes.

Although their journey is far from over, Zorg IT’s support will ensure them a smoother and more secure path ahead.

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