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Climb the Search Rankings and Outrank Your Competitors with ZORG IT GROUP

Raise Your SERP Rankings with ZORG IT GROUP

Are you having trouble with improving your page’s search engine rankings? Come take a look at Zorg IT’s best strategies to raise your page’s visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) through better SEO practices, and outrank all your business rivals!



Researching Keyword and Search Intent

Investigating your industry and competitors:

To get the best position in online rankings and achieve the brand identity, first you will have to understand the environment you are working in. Your movements must suit your industry and be planned to outrun your rivals. 

Here at Zorg IT, we perform thorough research on your behalf before putting in the work.

Investigating your industry and competitors

Researching Keyword and Search Intent:

Of course, keyword research is the very first step of Search Engine Optimization. But what is Search Intent?

To put it simply, it means the purpose of the search, the need that drove your target audience to the search engine. Even though you have to do basic keyword research, it is your understanding of your target segment’s search intent that should guide your chosen keywords.

Our people at Zorg IT always focus on the primary audience a business will have. And even though we are good at using any keyword research tools, it is our experience and ability in analyzing and understanding the search intent that drives our final choice. And it pays off with clear results and functionality. 

SERP Rankings with ZORG IT GROUP

Refreshing Existing Content:

Suppose you write a high-quality, well-researched and wonderfully-optimized piece. How long should it serve you then? Can you use it infinitely?

Sorry to say, no. You need to make sure your articles stay up-to-date and relevant. You have to revise or publish new versions of it. At Zorg IT, we usually refresh our contents whenever –

–      There are new information of the subject

–      The original Keywords are no longer relevant

–      Any content shows poor performance metrics

–      Links need to be repaired or updated

–      Or any other relevant reasons come up

Refreshing Existing Content

 Implementing Technical SEO:

The role of technical SEO in optimizing content remains relevant even in 2024. Technical SEO means designing your website infrastructure in such a way that search engines find it easy to access and index, so it ranks better in the search results.

As a digital solutions company, Zorg IT has the ability to improve all the technical aspects of your website. We can make it secure, mobile responsive, and ensure it comes with a fabulous, easy-to-navigate UI/UX design. Google loves these qualities in a website and makes them easier to rank higher in search results.

There are other details of technical improvements Zorg IT can provide, including but not limited to improving your website structures, rebuilding broken links, and optimizing your XML sitemaps and 404 pages. All these steps together will build you a solid SEO-optimized online presence.

Technical SEO

Building High-quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are the way for search engines to measure how relevant and impactful your contents are. It is one of the hardest aspects to build regarding SEO, and can end up being harmful if not done well. Bad backlinks can reduce a website’s trustworthiness and cause its ranking to plummet.

But no worries – let Zorg IT bear the responsibility of building powerful and reputable links. We will connect relevant websites and content for your industry, and regularly monitor to cut out any low-quality links, or anything that might be considered spam.

At Zorg IT, we have the experience and skill to make your ranking soar in SERPs. We will take care of all your SEO optimization needs, raising your online visibility and developing your reputation while you take care of your business. 

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